Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Predicting Housing Market in Iran by considering Macroeconomic Parameters Using Unsupervised Learning Methods    M.Sc.    Alireza Vahdati    1400/06/20
2    Estimating the Safety Cost of Construction Work Using Building Information Modeling    M.Sc.    zeynab aliakbari    1399/11/29
3    Automatically Assessing the Construction Activities to Improve Productivity Using Computer Vision Techniques    M.Sc.    ALI NABIZADEH    1399/11/28
4    A multi-objective optimization in emergency staged-evacuation process    M.Sc.    omid hosseini    1399/06/26
5    Design and construction of prefabricated elements of building facades and feasibility of their implementation in the country from the economic and technical point of view    M.Sc.    amin gholampour noghondar    1398/10/15
6    Cost Optimization of Reinforcement in Concrete Beam Considering Cutting Rebar, Arrangement Design and Installation Factors    M.Sc.    mahdi abbaszadeh    1398/07/06
7    A Framework for Automated Code Compliance Checking for Building Regulations    M.Sc.    Mohammad Reza Tavasoli    1397/11/29
8    Study The Impact of Eco-feedback Interventions on The Energy Behavior of Occupants: An Agent-Based Approach    M.Sc.    Mohammad Zarei    1397/11/27
9    Optimizing Construction Lift Process in High-Rise Buildings    M.Sc.    Alireza Jalali Yazdi    1396/11/25
10    Investigating and Determining Project Success Factors in Iraq Case Study: School Construction Projects of Wasit Province    M.Sc.    Khaldoon Al-Aloosy    1396/04/14
11    Identification of the Reasons for Delay in Najaf Construction Projects Case Study: School Construction    M.Sc.    ABBAS AL DAUOD    1396/04/07